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Reiki Healing

The healer's healer,
Margot Laird is the clairvoyant's choice

60 minute sessions $100
Double Bay
Open Thursday to Sunday and ALL public holidays

Margot Laird is a trusted Healer, Lightworker, Starseed and Channel based in Sydney (Double Bay). Her healing work continues to be recommended by clairvoyants, psychics and seers.

Margot is able to hold and transmit high-frequency, higher dimensional Galactic energy and she acts as a conduit for intelligent, photonic Galactic Light. She embodies the 12th Dimensional Diamond Light-Body template and the more recent Angelic Light-Body template and these ultra-modern geometric Light structures inform her work as a Healer.
Margot's work provides support and assistance to Awakening Souls and Starseeds :
- activating the crystal gene and dormant crystalline structures in your DNA, facilitating the rapid reconnection to your
  Galactic Heritage
- swiftly sweeping away density and blocks, all limitation and unconscious self-sabotage
- restoring you to empowered wholeness and your fullest expression of Soul via the process of Soul retrieval
- strengthening your connection with your Higher Self
- allowing your psychic and intuitive energy to come forward
- lifting you into an elevated state of joy, well-being and ease, peace, trust and flow

Margot works not only with the Pleiadean Star Mothers and the Light Draco but also with Sirian light codes, Crux (Southern Cross) Consciousness , and Lemurian and Atlantean codices. Please click here for Lemurian information. And here for Atlantean information.

Human consciousness has entered the golden Age of Aquarius and to support your alignment with the Aquarian frequency, Margot is now also working with the interstellar Aqua Heart Light-Body template. As well, she is working with the Interstellar Dolphins and Whales to assist the rise of the New Lemuria here on Earth.

In addition to this work Margot is a Foundational Practitioner of Reconnective Healing (trained by Dr Eric Pearl) and a Reiki Healer.

These are non-touch modalities and very safe.

Incorporating the limitless power of Sacred Geometry and Quartz crystals Margot`s work is extraordinarily transformative, swift, comprehensive and expansive. The Higher Intelligence of the work ensures that it is beyond the fallibility of human ego; it works where you need it most, triggering a process of regeneration, re-ordering and re-organising within the quantum field (ie you).

Highly effective adjunctive health care for all forms of physical dis-ease, emotional imbalance and disorders of the mind.

Experience the power of Distance Healing

Be in no doubt about the efficacy of Distance Healing and its potency and capacity to deliver multiple Healings in a single session. Distance Healing works exactly the same as an in-person session. These intelligent Healing frequencies are sophisticated - they transcend Time-Space and other dimensions and they come in on a very broad bandwidth of Light and information. During your Distance Healing transmission I am working telepathically and so there`s no need to use electronic technology such as your phone or online platforms during your session.

The sacred geometry of the platonic solids Margot works with further amplifies the Distance Healings, giving the work speed and broad scope.

The convenience of receiving a Healing session in the comfort and sanctity of your own home means you`re not constrained by the limitations of time and so these advanced, higher-dimensional Healing frequencies can continue to integrate more deeply at the subconscious and subtle levels after your transmission is complete. Many fall into a lovely restorative sleep after their Distance Healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Galactic Heritage Reconnection

Please click here to visit Margot`s Blog including channelled information detailing the profound and sweeping changes underway on Earth, a period of transformation commonly referred to as `The Shift`.

The New Energy Signature Of Our Time

Margot`s work continues to modify and evolve, staying in lockstep with the wider evolutionary changes occurring on Earth at this time. She is now incorporating the new, advanced Diamond-Angelic Frequencies into her Healing sessions. These state-of-the-art Light frequencies represent a superior crystalline intelligence which was not previously available to us. Click here to learn more.

* Comprehensive and expansive, the Healing frequencies are newly accessible as Earth herself evolves and ascends into the higher vibration of the crystalline harmonics, the so called Shift in Consciousness accelerating post 2012. The Healing frequencies attune you to a new bandwidth of light, energy and information. It is a gift of our time.


* Be immersed in the palpable high vibrational frequencies, light and energy, restoring you to an optimal state of balance and optimal vibration. Bringing you back into your wholeness and removing the blocks which obscure the Soul`s light.


* Bask in the deeply relaxing energy... you`ll feel peaceful, calm, rejuvenated and clear after your session... open, light and more receptive to your intuitive guidance.


* Triggering healing and regeneration on every level - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The Higher Intelligence of the work ensures that the Healing energy flows where you need it most and will continue to unfold and integrate within you long after your session is finished.


* Purifying the Causal sub-plane and the Astral body, healing karma and raising your vibratory rate through the laws of Physics known as Resonance and Entrainment ; allowing and supporting the release of all that no longer serves your highest good


* Restructuring DNA. Scientists now know that our DNA structures are shimmering waveform configurations that are constantly being modified. Studies show that exposure to the Reconnective Healing frequencies results in DNA emitting higher levels of light.


* Opening, cleansing and balancing the Chakras (energy centres which connect our physical body to our spiritual body) allowing a healthier reference feed between each.


Visit www.TheReconnection.com for more detail regarding the continuing scientific studies of Reconnective Healing conducted by research luminaries including Gary Schwartz, PhD, Dr Konstantin Korotkov and Bill Tiller.

Providing wonderful support and assistance for:

* These sessions are a safe adjunct to conventional medicine and work safely alongside medication.

My Background

Through 2008/2009 I studied each of the seven levels of the original system of Reiki as discovered and handed down by Japanese scholar Mikao Usui. My teacher was Dez Dalton.

In 2012 and inspired by my own definitive Healing experience with Reconnective Healing I was taught Reconnective Healing by its founder Dr Eric Pearl, and further refined my practice in 2014 by completing the Foundational Practitioner programme, again taught by Eric Pearl himself.

In terms of my own personal work and evolution I have, since 2007, undertaken extensive and intensive spiritual work and restructuring on all levels in order to ascend into the crystalline state. This State of Being allows me to be a clean, clear vessel and essence of Source and high frequency Cosmic Light.


“Recently I cut the cornea of my eye with a contact lens and it became infected and turned into a corneal ulcer.Since then I have been looking at all natural ways of speeding up the healing process.I read about the wonderful benefits of Reconnective Healing and had heard that Margot Laird is a trusted, authentic Healer but as I couldn’t travel with my condition and she is in Sydney and I am on the Gold Coast I thought I would have to delay my sessions. But after speaking with Margot she explained that she can perform “distance healing” and that we would just need to organise a mutual time! So now I have had three sessions and I truly feel my eyesight has gotten better with every session.The actual sessions are so beautiful, I experienced very deep and sustained relaxation, flashes of blues and greens and pink and oranges! Feelings of warm tropical breezes bathing my body and healing me from within.I loved my sessions and I know the benefits are 100% natural and totally in-sync with what my body is needing.Thank you so much Margot, you really have made a difference to the health of my eye and my overall health and well being”.

Cheryl Jones

Gold Coast, Australia

“Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of experiencing the Healing frequencies brought in through Margot, more recently though, in 2016 I have had two Distance Healings, one at night and one at the start of a very busy work day. Margot has the ability to link in to the energy matrix of a client and be a bridge to what is needed. I personally experienced a sense of calm and peace that was truly profound, during a very busy work schedule that usually would have been quite stressful, it helped me to stay present and balanced. The other session was at night, which induced a deeply restorative sleep. I would highly recommend Margot’s services to anyone who needs peace and balance in such a fast paced world. She is my go to Practitioner for clarity, connection and clearing, the Reconnective Healing frequencies acting as a catalyst for what is needed and what is no longer needed for my Body, Mind and Spirit”.

Melissa Read

Dip. Remedial Massage Therapy